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You have just one button – jump. You must jump on enemy cars. Tires do damage. Survive and win.

The game supports up to four players.




Android, iOS: tap the respective jump buttons.

Web: press the keyboard key indicated by the jump button, or click the button. Number three means numpad key 3.



doublejumpDouble Jump – After jumping, press jump again for a double jump.

speedboostSpeed up – Get some more speed. Watch out for tuning too much though, or your car will turn into a rocket.

bumperBumper – Hit your opponents with your bumper and push them gently about. Note: tires are made of quantum rubber and diamond spikes – they’ll damage you even if they hit your bumper.

fumesToxic exhaust – This is the endgame. Watch out for those fumes!


Game: mikachu / Mind-altering games

Musics: Libla

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